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Advance Care Planning for Families and Carers of People with Dementia

Dementia affects almost every one of us.  As carers and families of someone who has dementia we are faced with the challenges that the disease presents to our loved one.  There are many losses involved as our loved one slowly deteriorates and this makes our journey with them very difficult at times.

This study session aims to give you a better understanding of dementia and the changes that can happen within someone’s body.  How we can plan a future for them that would be what they wanted, if they were able to tell us.

What will I learn?

  • What dementia is (brief overview)
  • Living and dying with dementia
  • Capacity and end of life care issues around dementia
  • How to plan for their future wishes and what tools to use.
  • Looking after ourselves when we are caring for someone.

Who is the session for?

Anyone that is looking after a loved one with dementia and is seeking further information and support

This session is open to EVERYONE including members of the public, families, supporters and volunteers.

This session is FREE to attend. If you are interested, simply fill out the form below and we will be in touch. Alternatively you can call the education department on 01772 629171.

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