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David’s story

“Everyone at St Catherine’s really listened…they took everything in and took ownership of it”

Picture by Chris Bull for St Catherine's Hospice 13/6/17 www.chrisbullphotographer.comWhen David Firth arrived at St Catherine’s, he had been in and out of hospital over several months – trying to get his symptoms under control.

Within a few hours at the hospice, he said he felt reassured and in safe hands, praising the empathy and observational skills of the medical and nursing staff.

David, from Euxton, Chorley, said: “They really listened and they took everything in – both what Kathryn, my wife, and I were saying, but also what we weren’t. They knew what questions to ask to get to the root of the problem and I felt confident for the first time in weeks that something different was going to happen, that some progress was finally going to be made.”

David’s problems were related to his stoma, which was causing him lots of discomfort and inconvenience at home. He was also living with myopathy in his hands – a side effect of the chemotherapy he had undergone – which made it difficult to manage the stoma himself.

Within a few days at St Catherine’s, staff had introduced a new piece of equipment to help get on top of the problem, and allow the damaged skin to heal.

The retired college tutor said: “It was such a relief to come to St Catherine’s and finally have someone take ownership of the problems. Kathryn runs her own floristry business which had got increasingly difficult as I required more and more help. Knowing that I was in St Catherine’s, gave her fantastic peace of mind again.

“When I was in St Catherine’s I couldn’t have been in a better or safer place anywhere in the world. The staff and facilities are brilliant and I was lucky to have found this place.”