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Picture by Chris Bull for St Catherine's Hospice 31/3/16Remember St Catherine’s in Your Will

Leaving a donation to St Catherine’s Hospice in your will won’t cost you a penny now, but every donation helps to secure the future of our specialised care for local people for many years to come.

On average, donations in wills fund the care of one in six of our patients, illustrating clearly how vital they are to St Catherine’s and the services we provide.

After you have provided for your own family, please consider remembering the hospice in your will.


Here are just some of the ways the donation you leave could carry on giving: 

Why Should I Write a Will?

Having a professionally prepared and up-to-date will is the only way to be sure that your loved ones and favourite charities receive what you want them to have.

We recommend using a solicitor when making or changing a will to ensure you receive the correct guidance and support.

What Are the Different Types of Legacy?

Types of Legacy:

  • Residuary: the remainder or a portion of the remainder of your estate after payment of all liabilities and expenses and any legacies you have given
  • Pecuniary: a specific sum of money
  • Specific: a particular asset or specific goods (shares, jewellery)
  • Contingent bequest: a gift should other bequests fail

Examples of the Types of Donation You Can Leave:

  • A specific amount of money
  • Business shares
  • Jewellery
  • A house

Any donation left in a will to a UK registered charity – St Catherine’s Hospice is registered charity number 512186 – will be free from Inheritance Tax.

It is important to ensure that your will contains specific wording if you intend to leave a donation to charity

Harry’s Legacy for Hospice

Harry Townson, from Clayton Brook, Chorley, left a donation of £1,000 to St Catherine’s Hospice in his will – his way of saying ‘thank you’ for the care he received at the hospice.

Harry_webHere his niece Sheila Yates and nephew-in-law Ray Langlands describe why one of his last wishes was to leave a legacy which would help St Catherine’s Hospice continue to deliver its life-changing care in the future.

Sheila, whose husband Ronnie was also cared for by St Catherine’s, says: “Uncle Harry absolutely loved it at St Catherine’s – a place where the minute you walk through the door, you immediately feel cared for.

“When he was admitted to the inpatient unit, the care and compassion they showed allowed him to die peacefully and with dignity, and was an enormous support to us as a family.

“Being at St Catherine’s really is the nearest thing to heaven before you get up there.”


Ray says: “When Harry began making arrangements for a will to be made, he was adamant that St Catherine’s Hospice be left a gift within it. He said it was his way of saying thank you for all they’d done for him.

“He loved the place – the staff, the care and treatment he received, the wonderful grounds where he loved to watch the birds and the squirrels – they all made such a difference to his life.

“He was a very dry, funny character who was never one for dwelling negatively on his situation – coming to St Catherine’s, and the positive attitude and environment he experienced here, only served to reinforce and strengthen this outlook.”

“By leaving a donation in his will, Harry has helped ensure more people can benefit from the same exceptional service – and I know that thought made him very happy.”

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