Patrons: Bill Beaumont, Mark Lawrenson & Tisha Merry Reg Charity No: 512186

Beavers’ artistic efforts for St Catherine’s

A group of local Beavers supported St Catherine’s Hospice by decorating plant pots to bring a splash of colour to the bedrooms of patients staying on the in-patient unit.

The 1st Lostock Hall Beavers transformed traditional plant pots with paint, glitter and decorations. They then donated them – each containing a potted plant – to St Catherine’s who distributed them around bedrooms for patients and families to enjoy.

The exercise followed something similar at Christmas when the children created mini Christmas tree decorations for patients.

Colette Kingswood, one of the Beaver leaders, said: “We work on a programme of age appropriate activities that help them gain challenge badges and activity badges. The purpose is to help them develop skills, learn about the world and the different people in it, to engage in their community and have fun!

“The activities for the hospice went towards their Creative activity badge, their Community Impact Badge and their My Skills challenge.

“We enjoy our relationship with St Catherine’s and hope there will be opportunities for the Beavers to do more for the charity again in the future.”

Tracy Parkinson, In-Patient Unit Manager, said: “The Beavers have done a fabulous job with the plant pots which have gone down very well with our patients and their families.

“We’re delighted they wanted to support us again and are extremely grateful for their wonderful creative efforts!”