Remembering someone special

A St Catherine’s Tribute Page is a unique way to honour the memory of someone special to you.

It’s a place to share memories, photographs and videos, and offers a platform through which you can collect donations to support the ongoing work of St Catherine’s in their name, if you wish. 

Everyone is welcome to create a lasting memorial to celebrate the wonderful relatives and friends who mean so much to us. 

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Arthur W Jones

1959 - 2024

Arthur was a loving husband/dad/grandad. He always loved his fishing his favourite place to fish was llandudno pier he always had to fish in a cerntain corner of the pier. Arthur put alot of smiles...

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Carol Ann Green

1975 - 2023

This is my tribute page for carol she was loved by all her family and friends carol was only 48 when she Pastaway in June she had 2 Beautiful Daughters Emma And Ashleigh who she...

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Reverend Dermot McKavanagh

1951 - 2024

Reverend Dermot McKavanagh, Padre in the RAF

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Joseph Barry Duckworth

1942 - 2023

Dad we will never forget your love, support and selfless commitment to your family. You will always be cherished, respected and adored. We maybe not be able to hear you , hold you or see...

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Delia Southern

1940 - 2023

"Mum" by Val Southern (written for her 80th birthday in 2020) Blue sparkles reveal wit and mischief Frank, sincere words offer advice and guidance Generous gifter, reluctant receiver Hidden talents defy preconceptions Unconditional loyalty cements...

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Vincent Lingard

1941 - 2023

Sheila’s lovely husband and our amazing dad fought a very brave battle with cancer & passed peacefully at St. Catherine’s on 11.11.23. He would’ve been so chuffed that it was Remembrance Day because we will...

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Mildred Mary Wilcock

1924 - 2023

Mildred was born on 25 May 1924, the eldest of 5 children, to Alice and Tom Bromley. She is survived by two of her sisters, Margaret and Joan. She lived in William Street in Chorley...

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Margaret mcauley

1957 - 2023

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 she then went into remission 2015 at the start of this year she was diagnosed with secondary bone cancer unfortunately the fight became to much for...

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