Remembrance Book

Welcome to our online Remembrance Book. 

Since St Catherine’s opened its doors in 1985, we have used our Remembrance Book to record the names of those we have cared for on our in-patient unit on the date of their death. 

In more recent times, we have also included the names of those who have died under our care in the community. 

To find your loved one’s name, click the button below to open our online book and then go to the date they died. Their name and the year of their death will be recorded on this date. 

Please note that the book is updated at quarterly intervals throughout the year, so there may be a delay in your loved one’s name appearing. If you are concerned it has been several months and their name is still not appearing, please contact us and we will investigate: 

Thank you.

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View the Tributes section of our website to create a special page in memory of your loved one