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Taxi driver helped woman in her hour of need – now she’s repaid the good deed by supporting her local hospice

A family has shown their gratitude to a ‘hero’ taxi driver by donating money to a local hospice in lieu of his cab fare.

Anne Wilson, from Fulwood, hopes to find the man who came to her daughter’s rescue when she felt threatened on a night out, who offered to take her home free of charge.

As she was unable to thank him in person, Anne decided to donate some money to St Catherine’s Hospice as a way of giving back to the community following the good deed. But she still wishes to meet up with the driver and explain what a difference he made when her daughter Rachel was walking home on New Year’s Eve.

She explained: “He was a saint really, and it’s so lucky that he happened to see Rachel when she was in need. She was approached by a man when she was walking home who was vile and horrible to her, and she was scared.

“The taxi driver saw what happened and brought her home safe and sound, without even charging her.”

Anne, who has been a supporter of St Catherine’s Hospice for years and is a member the charity’s weekly lottery scheme, added: “We just wanted to give something back somehow. He’s a local man and St Catherine’s is a local charity, so we decided to give the money that the ride would have cost to the hospice. You never know, he or his family may need the support of St Catherine’s one day.”

Rachel, 29, who lives in South Manchester and works in digital marketing recruitment, said: “I had been at a New Year’s Eve party at my friend’s house near Booths in Fulwood, and was walking home to King’s Drive down Garstang Road.

“It was about 3.30am and I had just turned the corner from Sharoe Green Lane when a man approached me. I stopped as he was right in front of me, and he said something vulgar and also reached out to me as if to touch or grab me.

“I shouted ‘no’ at him and ran. He wasn’t following me, but then the taxi pulled up next to me. The driver said he saw what happened and asked if I wanted a lift home.

“At first I resisted, knowing that I didn’t have any money on me, and I was in shock. I carried on walking and the driver drove slightly alongside me insisting that he’d take me home.

“I was very upset at this point so I agreed and got in. I immediately said that I didn’t have any money – but the driver replied that it didn’t matter.”

She added: “I am so thankful for the taxi driver being there and getting me home as quickly as possible. The fact that he knew I didn’t have any money and he still helped me was lovely.”

Lorraine Charlesworth, director of community and income at St Catherine’s Hospice, said: “We’re very sorry to hear about Rachel’s ordeal, and are so pleased that someone was able to help in her time of need.

“It’s incredibly kind for her and Anne to think of St Catherine’s at a time like this, and to connect with us as their local charity as a way of giving something back to the community.”