Patrons: Bill Beaumont, Mark Lawrenson & Tisha Merry Reg Charity No: 512186

Picture by Chris Bull for St Catherine's Hospice    31/3/16Patients can also attend at the hospice for weekly sessions on our Day Therapy Unit which is open each week day.

People can attend for a wide range of medical, nursing, physiotherapy and occupational therapy treatments, as well as complementary therapies such as reflexology and aromatherapy massage.

It is an informal environment where patients can access information and support to ensure they understand their symptoms and know what to expect from their condition. This can help people manage their illness more effectively and allows them to make informed choices about their treatment and care.

Picture by Chris Bull for St Catherine's Hospice    31/3/16In addition, diversion therapies such as arts and crafts and gardening are available to enhance quality of life – by giving people a focus on something other than their illness. In many cases they also provide skills to promote independence.

Hairdressing and beauty treatments are also on offer to boost confidence and self-esteem – which can be particularly important when illness has altered someone’s appearance.

The day therapy lounge also provides a social environment where people can share their experiences and access peer support from others who understand what they are going through.