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Pay for a Day

What a difference a day makes – we know, because our patients and their loved ones tell us. Just a few hours in the care of St Catherine’s Hospice can give people the strength, both physically and emotionally, to enjoy another precious day.

Cover the Costs of Vital Hospice Services for a Day

Pay for a Day is your chance to contribute towards this special care by covering our running costs for 24 hours. In doing so, you’ll be helping people across Central Lancashire who are affected by life-shortening illnesses enjoy quality of life and have dignity in death.

You could pick a day which has a special meaning for you – whether that’s a birthday, anniversary, or a date which has a special significance to someone no longer with us. With Pay for a Day you can celebrate and commemorate this symbolic date – whilst showing support for your local hospice and a much-loved local charity.

Why we ‘Paid for a Day’

A Two-Way Commitment…

We know the day you choose to pay for will be special to you, as well as for the people St Catherine’s Hospice cares for.

We want to acknowledge the valuable role you have played by ‘paying for a day’ so – if you are happy to make your support public – we would love to mark it in a number of ways.

Mill tips Pay for a DayOn the Day…

We will produce a personalised certificate for your chosen day. This will be displayed in the reception area at St Catherine’s Hospice on that day and available to take away as a lasting memento.

Your name, or the name of your business/organisation, will also be inscribed in our ‘Book of Days’ – a permanent and lasting tribute to every day which has been paid for by local supporters. You can add a personal message if you wish.


Online and in the News…

On your chosen day, your name or the name of your organisation can be displayed on our special page on the St Catherine’s Hospice website. We can also provide you with a page on our site to talk about why you chose to Pay for a Day and, if you wish, how you raised the money. This is where you will also be able to place a note of thanks or recognition to anyone else who may have been involved.

With excellent links to the local media, we will also do all we can to secure positive PR coverage around the day if this is an area you are interested in.

Redrow Pay for a Day 1A Personal Visit…

The best way we can say thank you to supporters who pay for a day at St Catherine’s Hospice is through a visit to our Lostock Hall site. This will give you the chance to see for yourself just how the money you have donated is making a difference.

We have reserved one Wednesday each month for hosting a lunch with Pay for a Day supporters, after which we will take you on a tour of the hospice to meet staff, patients, volunteers and families.

A Lasting Relationship…

Your generosity will be remembered long after your day. We will keep in contact, informing you of the latest news from St Catherine’s Hospice, inviting you to our events and letting you know of further opportunities for getting involved in our valuable work. St Catherine’s is your local hospice and we hope your involvement through Pay for a Day will strengthen this feeling of being part of a very special charity working in the heart of the community.

How Can I/We Pay for a Day?

You or your company/organisation can Pay for a Day through a one-off donation or a sustained campaigned to raise the total amount.


For more information about this exciting initiative please call 01772 324540 or email Thank you!